Interior Design

Graphic Design


Film Production

Screenwriting and Media Communication

Why study at Michael Academy

We do our best to motivate students to reach their highest potential. Michael Academy is built upon a twenty years tradition as a Secondary School of Art and Advertising. Our educational program also includes an attractive postgraduate study in Multimedia in Advertising.

Knowledge and SKILL!

We are a non-traditional school that provides a 20% theoretical/80% “hands on” education. Our school is highly regarded among Czech schools for its modern and effective education style. BE SMART, BE FIRST, BE PROGRESSIVE.

Erasmus, student exchange and projects

Every student is strongly encouraged to join Erasmus+ project. Projects are located abroad within the professional workplaces of our partner schools in Finland, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia.

Workshops with experts

Workshops are conducted by leading experts in their field. It is possible to reach the highest level of understanding/knowledge on a wide range of creative business topics.

Participation and work in school agency “CC”

CC (Creative Cab) – Advertising agency. ALL students attending Michael Academy, Michael High School and University of Creative Communication are encouraged to participate in this project. CC is focused on communication in all its aspects and is led by professional trainers/teachers.

Real World contracts

Our school has NO LIMITS! Students are allowed to work for advertising agencies and are supported to realize their own business plans/desires! Students are also encouraged to participate in creative competitions – focused on their future career!

Do you want to study further? (University Degree)

High School graduates are eligible to apply for a Bachelor or Master University program. Proudly, we also cooperate with the University of Creative Communication and the prestigious Solent University in Great Britain.