About Academy

Our School Is Our Workshop

Our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art photography, graphic design and film studios. We also have a photo darkroom, graphic workstations, a film editing studio, music lab and several IT classes.

Creative cooperation with Industry Leaders!

We cooperate with industry leading professionals, such as Antonín Kratochvíl, Halina Pawlowská, Lucie Kožinová and many others. We hold regular workshops and lectures.

Presentation of Student Work

Students have the great opportunity to present their work at regular exhibitions including Michael Gallery, Festmichael and the Prague Photo Festival. Graduates can also exhibit their graduate work in Gallery 1. Our School calendar, including the best of our students work, is a must see every year!


Main building Chodov

The main building in is located in Chodov - including Main Office, Study department, entrance examinations and most classrooms/studios.

Pankrác Building

Location of our CC school agency. Some studios are also located in this building.

Post graduate study in the Czech Republic/Britain

Students are encouraged to pursue our Bachelor and Master Degree university programs. Solent University in Britain and the University of Creative Communication are our partners.