Open House Days

Dny otevřených dveří

18. 3. 2021 
22. 4. 2021 
20. 5. 2021 
27. 5. 2021

Always at 2pm – 4pm in the main building in Chodov or in Pankrác.

If none of the above days suits you, you can request an individual meeting at the study department.

Application form

Do you want to apply immediately or need more information?

Do not hesitate to contact Lucie Scholzová: scholzoval@skolamichael.cz

Tuition fee

School year 2020/21
33.000 - 38.000 CZK

Bank detais: 5031014256/5500 (Raiffeisen BANK)
VS: a code in the study contract